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More than 3135 Academic Staff for a Qualified Education

Hilal YILDIZ2018 Graduate of the Department of Public Relations and Publicity

Ege University is undoubtedly the right choice for studying and socializing in a huge campus in Izmir, which, I think, is the most beautiful city for student life. To study at Ege University, with its diverse student clubs and high quality education also has an effective image in your future business life. Ege University is the best choice for an unforgettable experience and student life you will always remember even after your graduation.

Evrim Çınaroğlu GözütokoğluGraduate of Faculty of Engineering – Department of Food Engineering

I graduated from Ege University in 1998. I am proud of both my university and the city of Izmir where I live. If I went back to those years, the university I would write would be Ege University. It had modern, social and pleasant atmosphere . I hope that it will always remain like this, with love.

Gözde ÖzdeğirmenciGraduate of Faculty of Letters Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology at Ege University is a department that aims to teach you knowledge and skills in various branches of the field and it incorporates many studies on this subject. The department which is actively involved with many academic activities (congresses, symposiums, etc.), offers the students the opportunity to participate in this atmosphere. The department provides a strong theoretical and methodological background for students who are willing to carry further studies.

Aslı TunaGraduate of Faculty of Agriculture

The Faculty of Agriculture at Ege University which has a respectable place among the faculties of agriculture in Turkey has 10 different undergraduate programs: Horticulture, Plant Protection, Landscape Architecture, Dairy Technology, Agricultural Economics, Farm Structures and Irrigation, Agricultural Machinery, Field Crops, Soil Department and Plant Nutrition and Animal Science. Master and Phd in these subdisciplines are given by the Institute of Sciences. Menemen Research, Application and Production Farm, Mordoğan Experiment, Research and Application Station and Faculty of Agriculture Central Laboratory are among our research and application centers. Our faculty hosts national and international scientific meetings held annually in order to share research findings, solutions to problems, and to new projects. It also has close academic collaboration with numerous reputable universities, faculties, institutes and research centers around the world. To dname, over 38 international colloboration agreements have been signed and new ones continue to be added each year. Joint projects are carried out within the framework of academic colloboration agreements, student exchanges are established for mutual teaching staff exchange and scientific activities are organized. Through these agreements, our lecturers gave lectures and our students are trained in Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Greece and a number of other countries. In the same way, teaching staff and students from foreign countries regularly visit our Faculty. In addition to scientific activities, the activities organized by Social Cultural Activities Working Group (SKEÇ) and Sports Activities Working Group will contribute to the development of your vision along with your professional knowledge.

Gizem KaleliGraduate of Faculty of Letters Department of American Culture and Literature

The Department of American Culture and Literature offers a qualified education to its students with distinguished teaching staff in their fields of expertise. The department conveys influential knowledge of American literature and culture to the student that will affect his lifelong career. While the Department of American Culture and Literature, which I graduated in 2011, provides me with very efficient information that I can use in my working life, I think it cannot provide such an effective benefit for those who prefer to teach English in the private sector or government.

Buket ŞençitakGraduate of Ege Vocational School-Graphic Design

In addition to the theoretical training given at Ege Vocational School, the practical information and practices we receive provide us an advantage in our career life after the graduation. While aiming to make its students technically equipped, the school carefully follows the developments and changes in the sectoral basis and takes advantage of all kinds of technology.

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