Ege Tercih


Ege University Student Council

Ege University is one of the most democratic universities in Turkey where students have their democratic right to Express their ideas and suugestions which are directly used for self monitoring and fix the problems encountered. In this sense, the student council is the voice of the students of Ege University.

Mehmet TOK President of the Student Council

Ege University is the first choice for those who want to carry lifelong the privilege of studying at Ege, to integrate the knowledge required by the modern age with real life and to grow up as an individual who is open to all kinds of scientific, cultural and social innovation.

Eda GÜNELEge Vocational School- Printing and Publishing Technologies- Freshman student

I can say that Ege University has contributed to my life in various fields since the beginning of my education life. Students who will enroll to Ege University a good university life with its green, natüre integrated campus, culture, sports activities and many opportunities are waiting for you.

Kubilay YılmazFaculty of Communication, Department of Public Relations and Publicity – Senior Student

Ege University is one of the leading universities of Turkey with both its qualified academic staff and its ever-evolving vision With the opportunities it provides, it offers students the opportunity to develop themselves in cultural, artistic and sporting areas. Ege University, which is a world university with its students coming from Turkey and abroad offers the opportunity to communicate with people from different cultures.

Yakup SİYAHKOÇFaculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences- Senior Student

When we were in 8th grade, we had a theater show in our school and after the theater show, our Turkish teacher said that he would take us to Forum Bornova. Those from Izmir know that to go to the Forum you need to go through Ege University. As soon as I entered the university, a heartbeat I had never felt in my life made me feel that I belong to there. Maybe it was a just a daydream. It was always in my mind during high school years. I wrote my department, the Department of Economics in the first place in my preference list. The night before the announcement of th results, I saw in my dream that I will accepted to my department and when the results were announced, I became a real Ege student. At Ege University, hearts beat differently since studying at Ege is a privilege. We're all looking forward to meeting you in our family. With love.

Aykut AYDINFaculty of Agriculture- Junior Student

The answer to this question should not be too difficult for someone who is born and raised in Izmir. So, why not other universities in Izmir? Here, I can be in touch with other people at any time and a good campus is one of by priorities. For this reason, I preferred to study at Ege University.

Doğukan YÖRÜKOĞLUFaculty of Science Department of Biology Sophomore Student

A university where you can develop yourself at the highest level both academically and socially. It is a place where you can enjoy a full campus life. Ege University offers a family cozziness especially by the efforts our President together with a first grade academic environment.

Yukarı Dön