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Why Ege University?

Why Ege University?

From the Past to the Future: Ege University

  • A well established 64 year old university with many firsts
  • Our University  has pioneered and / or supported  the establishment of many state and foundation universities in the region
  • With its deep-rooted history of over half a century, our  university  has 209,503 qualified graduates who carry and shape the future of our country
  • Our university  provides public services to all the spheres of the society in different fields such as health, lifelong education, cultural heritage, environmental problems and possible solutions
  • A dynamic university with strong regional influence, prioritizing international research quality and community benefit
  • It is one of the first examples of the 3rd generation university understanding that aims to bring industry and university together in the fields of R & D, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in addition to the quality education, theoretical and practical research activities it offers at international level.
  • Our University is one of the first examples of the 3rd generation university concept that aims to bring industry and university together in the fields of R & D, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer in addition to the qualified education, theoretical and practical research activities it offers at international level.

Ege University has been listed in 33 world ranking lists.

  • URAP published its report on “ The Status of Turkish Universities on World University Rankings  in 2018”. According to this report prepared by URAP considering the world science rankings; among the universities that rank at least 11 fields, Ege University ranked among the top 500 in the world in the fields of  chemistry, food engineering, agricultural engineering, biotechnology, machinery, biomedical, dentistry, medicine, energy, physical sciences, nursing and pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Ege University ranked the 4th  among the Turkish universities in the ”Top 1000 Universities” list prepared by the  Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) in  the years 2018-2019 and was the 3rd  among the Turkish universities in the 2018 World Universities Ranking prepared by Leiden University.
  • Having successfully completed  the assessment process made by the European Commission, for  the Bologna process together with very few universities in Europe and Turkey  Ege University received  the ECTS (ECTS) Label Grant.
  • One of the first two Turkish universities to issue the Diploma Supplement Label since 2005 with the authorization granted by the European Commission.
  • The first university to send students to  EU Universities by the Erasmus Student Exchange Programme.
  • Accredited departments at Ege University include  Computer, Electrical-Electronics, Food, Construction, Chemical, Mechanical, Textile Engineering departments in  in the Faculty of Engineering,  Faculty of Pharmacy,  Faculty of Nursing , Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Letters , Pre-Graduation Education Program and Radiology Specialization Training Program in the Faculty of Medicine and Urla Maritime Vocational School Underwater Technology Program and Maritime Transportation and Management Program. Accreditations are periodically renewed.
  • The Faculty of Medicine Department of Medical Microbiology has been accredited in the field of “ Medical Microbiology Specialist Training”, and the School of Foreign Languages ​​has been audited and accredited at the international level by the Pearson Assurred International Accreditation Agency. Ege University Continuing Education Center is accredited to provide BTEC trainings on behalf of  Pearson. In addition, the laboratories accredited within the scope of laboratory accreditation system at Ege University are: Fuel / Oil Analysis Laboratory (EGEPAL), Textile Research and Application Center (TEKAUM) and Drug Development and Pharmacokinetic Research and Application Center (ARGEFAR), Food Engineering Application and Research Laboratories.
  • There are a total of 464,870 resources in the Central Library of the University, including 220,000 printed books, 197,892 electronic books, 46,954 electronic journals and 24 corporate e-journals, as well as 61 databases. In 2017-2018, 1,334,995 people  reached and made use of  these resources. In addition, thereare   4 free access reading rooms, 4 specialized libraries, services for the visually impaired and audio books, a collection of rare books, theses and multi-media collections.
  • In addition to its qualified and experienced teaching staff, the average number of students per academic staff is 19.8 at Ege University
  • According to the TÜBİTAK ARDEB statistics,  Ege University doubled the amount of budget grant from  TUBITAK-ARDEB (Research Support Programs Department) program in 2018, in comparison to the previous year with  an amount of 47 million 859 thousand 284 TL . Ege University ranked the first  university among 206 universities in Turkey  to apply for new project grants  in 2018 to TÜBİTAK - ARDEB.

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Research Support Programs Department (ARDEB) published the 2018 statistics. According to these statistics, Ege University is credited to be  the university that reached the highest number of project applications with 331 projects in 2018 for TÜBİTAK-ARDEB program. With a total of 786 projects, Ege University has been  the university that apply for the most Project grants between 2014 and 2018, and with 65 projects that were accepted and granted   ranked the  4th among other universities. In 2017, Ege University ranked the  third with 25 million support in 2017 and doubled its research budget in a year by receiving 47 million 859 thousand 284 TL.
In 2018, our university made the highest number of applications with 331 projects and ranked 4th with 65 accepted and granted projects from  TUBITAK-ARDEB program. Our university became the 4th university among the highest project budgets with the granted amount of 47 million 859 thousand 284 TL .

• Active campus life with a wide range of 61 student clubs ranging from art history to photography, from cycling to American football, that create environments in which students can study effectively.
• The Spring Festival that was held traditionally for 40 years, International EgeArt  Days, Republic and Atatürk Days, Book Days, outdoor and indoor activities are the essentials for a vibrant campus life throughout the year.
• Cultural centers, conference halls and more than 20 exhibition halls where many scientific, social  and cultural meetings  are held
• Outdoor and Indoor Sport Facilities include: an indoor olympic swimming pool for 2,000 people; an outdoor swimming pool; the grand gymnasium with 3.150-person competition hall, 2 gyms, a fitness center and a table tennis hall; 4 outdoor, 2 indoor Tennis Courts and Training Wall; 20 Mayıs Sports Facilities consisting of an international athletics track with a grandstand of 3.000 people and a football field and multipurpose sports halls in standard sizes; Ellinci  Yıl Sports Hall with 1,000 seats; Small Gym for 250 people; outdoor running track and outdoor sports field; Healthy Living Room with 340 m2 fitness center, 3 60 m2 special exercise room and 360 m2 special synthetic running track; 1 synthetic turf football training field; many outdoor basketball and volleyball courts within the faculties / schools; 2.3 km long cycling paths.
”Accessible Campus” and “EngelsizEge”  themed  University  equipped with  ramps, elevators and platforms to facilitate the lives of disabled people
• Green spaces, bicycle paths, culture-arts and sports facilities, dormitories and a student village affiliated to State Credit Dormitories Institution that meets the housing needs of students,  doted by  cafeterias, banks, hospital, EÜ Radio and Television, and a campus that can meet all the needs of a student.
• A green and sustainable campus with solar-powered directional signs and central parking areas that reduce traffic jams.
• Ethnography Museum, Museum of Paper and Book Arts, Museum of Natural History, Insect Museum, Faculty of Letters  Antiquities Collection, Botanical Garden, other museums and permanent exhibitions  are open not only to the students but also to the general visitors.
• Turkuaz Masa Solution Center operating  within the Public Relations Department of Ege University aims to share or resolve  problems, wishes and suggestions coming from academic / administrative staff and Ege University students in cooperation with related departments.

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