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Prof. Dr. Necdet BUDAKThe President of Ege University

Dear Students,
Education is a life-long process. Your preference of university will be a turning point for your future in this period of transition from basic education to higher education.  Two things are especially important:  to choose a profession that suits your life goals and overlaps with your skills and to choose the right university where you will learn that profession.
Ege University is one of Turkey’s most well established universities with its educational infrastructure equipped with latest technology, its 7/24 active campus providing all kind of facilities and its qualified academic staff of superior expertise. Our university has a student-oriented mission not only in education but also in sports, arts and all kinds of social and cultural activities. Within the scope of thw 11th Study at Ege University Days, we aim to tell you about our university and help you to make informed choices for your future. While I wish you all the best for your university entrance  process, I look forward to welcoming you to our family for a successful university life.


  • necdet.budak@ege.edu.tr

Prof. Dr. Kutsal TURHANDeputy Vice-President of Ege University

Ege University aims to make the undergraduate  years the best years of your life with its vibrant and living campus, sports and art facilities, student clubs, and social activities spread  throughout the year together with  its inherent strength deriving from  its deep-rooted traditions and distinguished  academic staff. We look forward to  hosting  you in the shining star of Turkey's most beautiful city of Izmir, 64 year old  Ege University.

  • kutsal.turhan@ege.edu.tr

Prof. Dr. Canan Fisun ABAYDeputy Vice President of  Ege University

Ege University,  one of the most established universities in our country and region, offers you opportunities to achieve your personal and career development with its strong and distinguished academic staff, research infrastructure, cultural, social and technological facilities , green , accesible and student friendly campus and university approach. We invite you, dear students, to join our Ege University family in order to achieve your goals.

  • canan.abay@ege.edu.tr

Prof. Dr. Mehmet ERSANDeputy Vice President of Ege University

Ege University, with its respect policy for diversity in lifestyles and thoughts  and its belief in  innovation, science and research is one of Turkey's oldest universities providing progressive higher education. Ege University is  an institution in the service of humanity  through research  and is  integrated  well  with its environment, moreover it  contributes to regional and national development and meets the qualified human resource needs of our country in various fields. We  invite you to be a student of the Ege  University,  one of the leading universities in Turkey

  • mehmet.ersan@ege.edu.tr
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