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More than 3135 Academic Staff for a Qualified Education

Prof. Dr. Fatma YURT ONARANEge University Instute of Nuclear Sciences

Founded on May 5th 1995, Ege University is a well-established institution. Since its establishment, our university has aimed to provide a qualified education for its students who would constitute the qualified worker force for our country through associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs. Ege University especially in the fields of science and technology is an eager participants in industry and university collaboration projects that will contribute to the establishment and development of infrastructure and all these colloborations are carried out in line with the needs of our country. Students who enroll to our university can do extensive research in the advanced laboratories of our faculties and institutes with the support of experienced faculty members and receive scholarships and support during their study. Ege University, in addition to its international level education, has a living campus that allows students to participate in scholarly and social activities such as congresses, seminars, cultural and art activities. The campus has a very modern library and well-equipped sports facilities. In addition to this peaceful atmosphere on campus, our students have a wide range of accommodation facilities such as dormitories and student villages. We are expecting students who want to develop themselves in scientific, social and cultural fields, as well as an international level education to keep pace with the developments of the modern world. Studying at Ege is a privilege.

Prof. Dr. Faruk BOZDOĞANDeputy Director of Research and Application Center of Textile and Apparel Manufacturing

For Your Future and Happiness
Our world is entering into a new scientific and social structure in every field. To be able to take part in this field, in other words, to find the job of your dreams and to live a peaceful and happy life by integrating with the society, is only possible through a right choice of university that has understood and is aware of this new future. This dream can be realized thanks to EGE UNIVERSITY, which renews itself in every branch of science. Our University with its many firsts from medicine to natural and social sciences is one of the few universities that aim to reach this future and beyond. It has also unique location in terms of city and central location. It has indeed a privilege to have a beautiful atmosphere with 24 hours living campus full of scholarly and social activities. We invite you to share the privileges of Ege University.

Prof. Dr. Dilek TAKIMCIDirector of Research and Application Center of Media

Ege University is a well-established university that provides a vibrant, dynamic student life with its main library, subway, bicycle paths, radio, television and newspaper, social facilities, spring festivals, international students and lifelong friendships established with fellow students from other departments on campus.

Doç. Dr. Çiler ÇilingiroğluEge University Faculty of Letters Department of Archaeology

Located in Turkey’s one of Turkey's most beautiful and vibrant city, Izmir, Ege University, with its subway, green campus, social and sports facilities, offers a special experience for students. Ege University is a university that attaches importance to the academic development of students with its ever growing main library and access to online resources. Student mobility programs such as Erasmus and Farabi are available in the university. Ege University, a pioneer in many fields; is also conducting Turkey’s leading archaeological excavations such Çatalhöyük Beycesultan and Yeşilova.

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